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I Don't Want

to Be Happy

Said No One, Ever!

by Shadé Zahrai

The Art & Science behind developing

one of life's most important skills

in 5 Simple Hacks!



I Dont Want to Be Happy Book Mockup Shad

Adam Spencer

Author, Comedian & 

former Triple J Radio Host

If anyone has insights

into being happy,

it’s Shadé

Everyone says they want to be happy and more successful, but it’s so much easier said than done. Many think that by pursuing success, they’ll eventually be happy. But, science tells us that it doesn’t exactly work that way. In fact, it would be the other way around:

Happiness comes first, then success follows.

This is the essential guidebook that you need to reinvigorate your relationship with happiness, achieve greater success and enhance wellbeing – all through the power of the mind! I Don’t Want To Be Happy – Said No One, Ever! will appeal to anyone who wants practical, easy-to-implement advice on how to become happier, more fulfilled and more successful in work and life.

But you first have to choose to make a change. 

You’re invited to start your journey and take back control.

It’s your life – you design it. It’s now or never.

Praise for

I Don't Want 

to Be Happy


Said No One, Ever!

Brian Tracy
International Bestselling Author

This fast-moving, enjoyable book shows you how to be a happy, busy,

self-fulfilled person

– in every area of your life.

Dr. Ginni Mansberg
GP, Medical Journalist
& Channel 7 Presenter

WARNING: this is not your typical cheesy, preachy how-to book. It’s so much more. Shadé has created a remarkably simple, insightful book that is delightfully different, infused with humour, sensitivity, warmth and a great deal of value. If you care about your relationships and want to be more successful in work and life, put this book on your required reading list.

Jack Delosa
Founder and CEO, The Entourage, Young Rich Lister & best-selling author of UnProfessional

Shadé stylistically guides us through utilising effective ideologies, methods, anecdotes and research, toward becoming the decider, the architect and the captain of your life. A Fantastic and important book to read no doubt!

Sue Langley
Neuroscience expert &
CEO of Langley Group

Full of personal anecdotes and stories, it covers the basics that we need to put into practice to deliver a happier, more fulfilling life. She brings critical research to life in a fun and engaging way, helping you realise that happiness is your choice - you are the architect.

Shade Zahrai 8 Portrait.jpg

Hi there!

How happy would you say you are?


And please don’t give the type of response you usually give – the standard, unemotional and somewhat scripted, “I’m fine thanks” that you share when someone asks, “How are you?” I want you to really think about how you feel day in, day out.

My desire for this book is to provide a glimpse into how easy it is to transform your life. Seriously, it’s remarkably simple! But first, you need to understand the basics of neuroscience and psychology and how it applies to our brains. Once you get this part, it makes it all seem so much easier. Trust me on this.

I Don’t Want To Be Happy – Said No One Ever! invites you to explore the science behind how to transform your mind and life for the better. It aims to teach you how to train your mind and heart towards greater happiness and wellbeing in your daily life. It all starts with your mind. 

Your greatest and most precious resource is, without any shred of a doubt, your mind. Just as you’d go to the gym to keep your physical body in top condition, you should also be exploring ways to keep your mind in the best possible condition. Why? Well because (as some of you can surely relate) your mind can be the source of immense trauma, emotional baggage, or the darkest depression. Or, it can be a light – a source of positive energy, of motivation, of joy. When in this state, it becomes a resource for your deepest and most lasting happiness, which leads to greater fulfilment, life satisfaction and (wait for it…) success. It improves the quality of your relationships, changes your perspective and helps you continually grow and develop.

This book will help you to:

  • Understand that psychological blocks could be holding you back from living an authentic life that is aligned with how you want to live.

  • Learn the brain science behind how you can rewire your brain to gear it towards a more positive approach to living.

  • Discover just how simply you can implement positive practices each day that will heal and reinvent your relationship with happiness.

  • Be empowered to take greater control over your present, and your future.

  • Receive the 5 Hacks you need for enhanced living that awakens your positive growth mindset and enhances wellbeing.

Dr. Tim Sharpe
International Leader in Positive Psychology, Speaker
& Founder of The Happiness Institute

One could say that we already have enough books advising us how to be happy. But one could also argue that there's always room for another one if it offers a new and different approach. Shadé's contribution is certainly interesting and fresh; and I very much hope it helps more people to enjoy happiness and a good life.

Stacey Copas.jpg
Stacey Copas
Author & Australia’s #1
Keynote Speaker on Resilience

In this warm and engaging book Shadé demonstrates that happiness is a choice… A rare mix of wisdom, fun and proven research, offering you an easy guide to lead a happier, more fulfilling life!

Tom Cronin.jpg
Tom Cronin
Speaker, Coach, Meditation expert
& Founder of The Stillness Project

Shadé makes the complexity of creating a fulfilling life very simple by using science, wisdom and her own personal stories. …a must read for anyone who wants to take charge of their life to live abundantly and happily.

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