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Ditch the Imposter Syndrome,

Boost your Confidence at Work

& Create the Life you Want!

Advancing in your career doesn’t have to be scary or take years of effort. In fact, I’ll give you easy-to-apply strategies to boost your confidence and give you greater clarity so you’ll be far more likely to achieve success.

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Here's what's inside:

Download this FREE training and learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes women make at work and how to position yourself for greater respect and credibility to supercharge your career (and life too!). 

  • We’ll talk through the mindset shifts you need to remove your blocks

  • You’ll learn the biggest things holding you back from taking the next step

  • You’ll  get practical tips to take action and get immediate results

  • BONUS Negotiation eBook - 4 Principles to Negotiating the Salary you Deserve

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"I want to advance,

but I don't know where to start."

You might be finding that you're 'stuck' in your career or feeling stagnant in your professional development. Maybe you're frustrated by the lack of growth, or you might even be feeling overwhelmed with knowing what the right next path is for you. Whatever you're feeling, I feel you! I've been there! And if I haven't been there myself, I've coached another woman through what you're going through. And I'm here to help with this audio training!

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A message from Shadé

Hey there, you powerful woman you!

I want you to know that you have SO much more to give, both at work and in life, and it's my mission to help women just like you to tap into their full potential so they can step into their power. I combine 10+ years corporate experience in recruitment, law and banking & finance, with my background in psychology and expertise as a holistic women's coach to do what I can to help you succeed. I hope this audio training helps you 'unblock' yourself, and equips you with the confidence to take the next step!

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