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Salary negotiation guide 
+ Resume checklist
+ ChatGPT prompts

The FREE, straightforward, step-by-step salary negotiation guide playbook for securing the salary you deserve (even if you’ve never negotiated before)

Inside these 3 FREE Step-By-Step Guides,
You'll Learn:


The importance of negotiation and 5 must-know tips to effectively prepare, boosting your confidence and maximizing your chances of success.


The 5 phrases to avoid at all costs during a salary negotiation, and why diplomatic language is key in highlighting your value and contributions.


The 8 essential steps to address a 'Low Ball' starting salary offer, complete with sample scripts to assertively advocate for your true worth.


The importance of asking for a raise or salary increase, along with a 6-step framework to confidently initiate the conversation. Plus, sample scripts to navigate the discussion with self-assurance and ease.


Why crafting a powerful resume can be the game-changer in securing your dream role, plus a comprehensive checklist of 40+ essential items to ensure your resume shines brightly and captivates attention in all the right ways.

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The guide & checklist are a
must-have if:

About Shadé

Director, Influenceo Global LLC
PhD Cand. MBA, LLB (Hons 1), BA-Psych,
Dip Pos. Psych, IECL Certified Coach

After over a decade climbing the rungs of the corporate ladder in law, banking, and strategy consulting, I can tell you without a doubt: 


Nothing can vouch for the value you bring to your team like you can.


The disappointment you feel is familiar – consistently performing at your best, only to be overlooked by your managers as they hand opportunities for promotions and bonuses to someone half as capable. 


You wonder:


“Is this the norm? Being overworked and undercompensated?”


“Shouldn’t my work speak for itself?”


“How do I negotiate a salary that matches the worth I bring to this company when I lack negotiation experience and confidence?”


After spending countless hours with hundreds of teams from startups to Fortune 500s, I’ve witnessed far too many talented, high-value people allowing their employers to determine their value. It’s why I’ve combined my experience of securing two separate 45% pay raises (within the same company) with my PhD research in career performance and leadership into this clear, step-by-step guide.


It’ll help you navigate the salary negotiation process with ease and confidence. Ready to grab the crucial insights about negotiating and secure the salary you desire? Click the “I’m ready” below, and I’ll be in your inbox with your free Salary Negotiation Guide.

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 Maybe it's 
.your time to 
.take back control. 

And maybe that time is now. 

Why not seize the moment and begin right here, right now? Take the leap, join me without spending a dime, and make a promise to yourself. Life's too fleeting to not command your own journey. Start harnessing your potential today - because you deserve to be in the driver's seat.

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