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I. Inspire & Lead: 7 Psychology-based Principles to Enhance your Influence and Elevate your Leadership

Dip your toes into the world of leadership with "Inspire & Lead: 7 Psychology-Based Principles to Enhance Your Influence." This concise guide offers a light introduction to key psychological insights, giving you a taste of strategies to elevate your leadership flair.

II. Boost your Charisma – 5 Must-know Science-based Techniques to Become Unforgettable

Delve into 5 proven methods, grounded in behavioral science, that will amplify your charm and magnetism. Whether you're networking, presenting, or simply conversing, let these techniques be your secret weapon to captivate any audience.

Value: $197


(Valued at: $197)

I. The Power of Influential Communication: Leading Teams – Training & Workbook

Unlock the power of influential communication with our dynamic training and playbook. Dive into the fascinating world of brain-based communication styles and discover how every team member ticks. Elevate your team's collaboration with personalized coaching strategies tailored to individual motivations. Master the art of influencing diverse personalities by navigating the complexities of psychological safety, ensuring trust, and security in every interaction. Plus, delve into the five captivating domains of human social experience from social neuroscience to supercharge team dynamics and drive transformative change.

II. Becoming an Energizer Checklist

Explore seven proven principles to evolve into a team energizer, radiating a brand that's synonymous with uplifting energy and high performance. Be that indispensable colleague, the one everyone eagerly wants on their team because of the dynamic positivity you bring.

III. 5 Proactive Actions to Propel your Career Forward

Dive into the actionable steps of mastering difficult conversations, valuing excellence over mere perfection, voicing your aspirations, adopting a mindset of continuous learning, and becoming your most potent advocate. With these strategies in hand, you're not just pushing your career forward but rocketing towards unparalleled success.

Value: $197


(Valued at: $497)

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Expert Advantage Bundle

The "Expert Advantage Bundle" is the expert training experience previously exclusive to Fortune 500 companies, now available for you! This bundle is your guide to mastering resilience, change, and influential communication. Elevate your professional journey to unmatched heights!

Here's what it in includes:

I. Bouncing Forward with Grit: Transforming 'Bad Breaks' to Breakthroughs & Taking Ownership of Your Journey in 6 Simple Steps’

Unlock the secrets of unwavering determination. Navigate the challenges of setbacks using the robust principles of Grit and mental resilience. Turn adversities into growth opportunities and arm yourself with actionable steps to bolster your psychological resilience.

II.  Embracing Change: The Brain-Science of Change and How to Master It for Personal & Professional Success + Handout

Navigate the intricate world of organizational change with finesse. Equip yourself with insights to create psychologically safe environments for smoother transitions, steer clear of mindset traps, and confidently seize the vast opportunities change offers in today's dynamic business landscape.

III. High Impact Stakeholder Engagement: A Brain-based Framework to Increase your Influence and Impact’ + Handout

Step up your communication game. With a brain-based approach, resonate profoundly with diverse stakeholders, craft impactful messages, and supercharge your influence. With enhanced confidence and a unique strategic framework, become the unforgettable communicator that leaves an indelible mark.

Value: $497

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