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7 Practical Tips to take you from Overwhelm
to Optimizing your Performance.

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Peak Performance
Candy Cotton

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Candy Cotton
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About Shadé

Director, Influenceo Global LLC
PhD Cand. MBA, LLB (Hons 1), BA-Psych,
Dip Pos. Psych, IECL Certified Coach

After over a decade climbing the rungs of the corporate ladder in law, banking, and strategy consulting, I can tell you without a doubt: 


Unleashing your peak performance potential is the ultimate game-changer for your career.


The exhaustion you're feeling is relatable – constantly striving to perform, yet consistently hitting plateaus or feeling overwhelmed. You can't help but question:


“Is it normal to be swamped and stressed all the time?”


“Shouldn't my current strategies be enough?”


“How can I improve my performance without sacrificing my wellbeing?”


After investing countless hours with teams ranging from fast-paced startups to Fortune 500 giants, I've seen so many incredibly talented individuals struggle to maintain peak performance. They allow external pressures to dictate their pace, ultimately leading to burnout.


This is precisely why I've combined my experience of consistently delivering top-tier results (even in high-pressure environments) with my research on peak performance, biological rhythms, and personal strengths into this succinct, simple and easy-to-follow guide.


It'll help you unravel your unique performance code and implement one (or all!) of the seven simple yet effective strategies to enhance your cognitive performance. Ready to embrace a more productive, fulfilling work life without burnout? Click the “I’m ready” button below, and I’ll be in your inbox with your free Peak Performance Guide.

 Maybe it's 
.your time to 
.take back control. 

And maybe that time is now. 

Why not seize the moment and begin right here, right now? Take the leap, join me without spending a dime, and make a promise to yourself. Life's too fleeting to not command your own journey. Start harnessing your potential today - because you deserve to be in the driver's seat.

© 2023 Shadé Zahrai and Influenceo Global LLC. All rights reserved.

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