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Shadé Zahrai

 What they're saying... 

Clients Served


“Shadé really captivates the audience and has an energy that keeps you engaged. The material truly resonated with our audience of senior leaders from across the business…” 


—  Maria Robbins, Chief People Office, Winc.

More Testimonials

"My experience of working with Shade was excellent. We reached out to Shade to deliver a virtual keynote to business leaders. The content and delivery was highly engaging and we received positive feedback from attending customers and prospects. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shade and I look forward to working with her again in the future."



“Her style is engaging , relaxed and extremely professional. Shadé is a lovely individual, very easy to work with and someone I would love to bring back at Future events at Cognizant.”


– Cognizant

“Shadé is the ultimate professional. She has a depth of knowledge, brought about through her psychology background combined with her extensive business and financial acumen. Shadé is engaging and passionate and she is able to connect with her audience on multiple levels; I would highly recommend her as your keynote speaker at your next conference or team building day.”

– Kathleen Tracey, Marketing Manager, Business CRM&D

“Shadé is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter who is able to really connect with her audience on the subject of the power of positive thinking in performance. She made the psychology of it all makes perfect sense. I would strongly recommend her for presentations to audiences, small or large, on improving personal and team performance.“


– DlA Piper

“She is incredibly insightful, relatable and what makes her a standout is her commercial acumen combined with her neuroscience backed research. With overwhelmingly positive feedback, I highly recommend Shadé to any company wanting to engage, educate and empower their team members”


– Moore

“The team loved Shadé presentation. We had +320 people connected virtually across LA region, the level of engagement and energy through the session was incredible”

– Procter & Gamble Latin America

“Shadé Zahrai delivered an insightful and hugely valuable webinar, which was extremely well received. Electrolux APAC & MEA team absolutely loved it! She offered a huge amount of value through her stories and expertise on how to demonstrate a growth mindset not only in thought, but in action. I believe that it was one of the most successful webinars that our talent team had provided. As a speaker Shadé is highly engaging, articulate, passionate and has has a remarkable ability to leave a lasting impact through her relatable stories and actionable frameworks.“


– Electrolux

“She was engaging, professional and had amazing insights through out. She was invaluable to this event and can't wait to work with her again in the future!”


– Monster

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