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“Shadé really captivates the audience and has an energy that keeps you engaged. The material truly resonated with our audience of senior leaders from across the business…” 


—  Maria Robbins, Chief People Office, Winc.

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"Shadé is one the most incredibly accomplished young speaker's I have ever met. Shadé tackles every topic with a refreshingly vibrant approach and backs it up with the perfect amount of data and science. I have had the privilege of attending several of Shadé's key notes on mindfulness, positivity and the powerful impact it can have on our personal and professional lives, and have always left learning new things about myself and how I can make a bigger difference."


– Chris Tate, Deputy CEO, Careertrackers

"Without question, each and every one of the 90 people in the audience were both mesmerised at your passion and your energy. When I asked the team about the event the first thing they spoke about was the session on Empowerment and thought your part of the day was one of the highlights. It set the tone and the bar for the event which was a hard act to follow. Thank you."


– Nathan Luck, Head of Corporate Systems

“Shadé is the ultimate professional. She has a depth of knowledge, brought about through her psychology background combined with her extensive business and financial acumen. Shadé is engaging and passionate and she is able to connect with her audience on multiple levels; I would highly recommend her as your keynote speaker at your next conference or team building day.”

– Kathleen Tracey, Marketing Manager, Business CRM&D

“Shadé brings great passion and energy to her presentations. She understands the barriers to success that young people commonly face, such as self-limiting beliefs, and by sharing her own personal experiences she engages the audience in something highly relatable. With a deep knowledge of psychology and organisational behaviour, Shadé provides meaningful and personalised frameworks to overcome challenges and develop skills in communication, relationships and leadership.”


–Madelaine Broad, Portfolio Analyst, Investment Specialist

“I thought the material was perfectly delivered – it touched on all of the ‘psych’ elements without being too technical, and at the same time got you thinking about personalities and individual styles of working which was really insightful and relevant to the audience. Shadé engaged the audience really well and there was lots of animated discussion about the content.”


– Joshua Toyer, HR Professional

“Shadé was a very interesting and confident motivational speaker. She made us think about normal things we do e.g the way we stand, the way to attend to a task. Her background in Psychology gives her very interesting insights into a person’s behaviour and those insights can make us tolerant of other people in workplace. She was a fantastic presenter and very attentive. Loved it.”

– Arti Mathur, Senior MIS

“Shadé was the guest speaker at a recent large corporate event. In an entertaining, interactive and fluid way, Shadé helped to facilitate greater self-awareness in the attendees by uncovering their brain patterns, their personal preferences, where their anxiety lay with regards to changes in the external environment and how to navigate through change in the workplace. 

The feedback was amazing. Her presentation was easy to understand, informative and very interactive. The flow from personal brain patterns to personal preferences, then to interactivity and communication was brilliant and very engaging. Shadé’s presentations skills are phenomenal - she is energetic, clear, coherent and very funny too! The team rated her presentation as the best part of the event. We cannot thank her enough.”


– Hanoch Ben-David, Agile 

“Shadé is an incredibly dynamic and engaging presenter and one of the best professional speakers I have heard. I have heard Shadé present to a range of audiences and she is able to effectively adapt her content and style to ensure relativity and value to the audience. The brain behaviour components of the content I found extremely useful and was able to take away a number of key learnings which I am now practicing both in my professional and personal life. I would recommend Shadé to any group!”


– Joshua Anderson, Senior Analyst, Westpac Group

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