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Ep. 43 | Why you're miserable at work!

If you’re unhappy at work, it comes as no surprise.

A 2021 survey from Monster found that 95% of respondents were thinking about quitting their jobs — and burnout is the number one reason.

Why do we work so hard, only to end up miserable?

We seem to be operating on untruths. We have a collective belief that if we work hard and ‘do our time’, we’ll eventually be happy. We’ll eventually reach the destination we’re working so hard to get to. Then, all of our worries will disappear.

Yet this elusive quest for happiness only leads to misery, damaging our mental health, our relationships and our hope for the future.

And the most ironic part of it all?

Many of us know this, yet we still prescribe to it.

In this episode I share two of the most common ‘mistruths’ I've come across that keep so many of us distracted and miserable. Then I share 4 evidence-based practices you can implement immediately to be your ‘circuit breaker’, help you step off the hedonic treadmill and experience happiness, now.


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