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Ep. 22 | Why you're Not Achieving your Goals

You’ve probably come across the term ‘manifesting’ and the ‘Law of Attraction’ at least once. And you might have even heard a motivational speaker or two claiming that “You can manifest your dreams through desire and visualization.”

What’s interesting is that this concept of ‘manifesting’ is actually quite powerful when you view it from a ‘brain’ perspective.

To ‘manifest’ something requires you to first visualize what you want to achieve in your mind.

  • Maybe it’s finally getting an offer for your dream job, or receiving the promotion you’ve longed for.

  • It could be recognition at work or a new, exciting opportunity.

  • Perhaps even achieving a health goal or something else in your personal life.

And the common narrative that’s pushed is:

“If you visualize it, the ‘Law of Attraction’ will make it happen!”

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

But that’s all - it just ‘sounds’ amazing. It actually doesn’t work like that in reality.

We all know that just imagining something doesn’t make it magically appear on your bedside table the next morning.

And this is what people get wrong when it comes to manifesting or visualizing your goals.

Sure, it helps to have absolutely clarity in WHAT you want and WHY (especially what it will ‘feel’ like once you get there), but there’s one GIANT MISSING PIECE OF THE PUZZLE!

And in this episode, you'll learn what that is.

So, if you have a clear view of WHAT you want to achieve and WHY, but you feel stuck… like you’re not getting anywhere and struggling to progress, you need to watch this!


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