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Ep. 24 | 5 Ways to Make Networking Easier - Even if you Hate It!

Anyone out there hate networking?

I used to! And I know hate is a very strong word, but I genuinely used to despise it.

Let me tell you why…

I started my career in the legal industry. Now, in order to get a job in top tier commercial firms, you had to go to a number of networking events and meet partners and senior associates… and there was all this pressure to present yourself in a the best way possible because it would impact the likelihood of getting your foot in the door and securing a prized offer.

I’d go to these events feeling so incredibly uncomfortable – I’d usually just stand by the canapés (the food was always quite good) and watch these absolute *shmoozers* hopping from partner to partner, referencing industry trends and the latest cases and getting along oh so well with everybody.

And when I’d finally muster the courage to go up and start a conversation with someone, my mind would go completely blank and I’d have nothing to say.

I felt so fake. These events always made me feel ‘dirty’.

But, over the years I’ve discovered that the word ‘networking’ is just a fancy term for connecting with people in business.

When you view networking as an opportunity to connect with people and find ways to be of value to them (rather than ‘what’s in it for me?’), it changes the whole game!

Over my career I’ve personally experienced and benefited from the value of having solid networking skills and being authentically myself, so now I want to share my best tips with you.

In this week’s episode I’ll share my favorite five networking tips that every professional needs to know (some obvious, and some not so obvious), so you can become a networking pro!


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