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Ep. 28 | 5 Ways to Look to Look More Confident

You might not know that I spent years as a professional and competitive latin dancer. I LOVED the feeling of training for a competition or performance, the adrenaline rush that as you're called on stage, and the joy bowing as the audience applauds.

A total buzz!

One thing I learned really early on, which any performers will know all too well, is that even if you’re feeling anxious and lacking confidence, you MUST appear confident.

You have to OWN the stage, have the’ fire in your eyes’, and be convincing - even if deep down you’re having a fully-fledged freak out.

—> (PS - yes, that’s me dancing on the TED stage back on 2017)…

When you show up and LOOK confident, it instils confidence in others.

And it applies in competitive latin dancing just as much as it does in your career.

This is why it’s SO important for your professional development that you learn some super simple hacks to make sure you APPEAR more confident at work.

It’s helpful for 2 reasons:

1) First, if you ‘appear’ confident, you convey COMPETENCE, which is only ever a good thing.

2) Second, by ‘appearing’ confident and taking on confident behaviors, you can actually make yourself FEEL more confident through the behavioral & postural feedback loops.


So if you’re struggling with confidence at work, or just want to supercharge your perceived competence, this latest episode is for you!


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