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Ep. 29 | FAILURE - How to Get Over It

Overcoming the Fear of Failure & Rejection

In my first year in the banking industry, I kept a ‘failure tally’.

Yup, I actually had an excel document where I’d record each time I ‘failed’ at something.

Accidentally sending a customer’s details to the wrong customer…

Forgetting the name and title of the Chief Operating Officer when I introduced him at an event (*facepalm moment*.…)

Completely messing up repayment calculations for equipment finance customers…

And let me tell you, my failure tally grew pretty full, pretty quickly.

  • But in that first year I grew exponentially.

  • My brain expanded.

  • My knowledge exploded.

And I embraced the possibility of messing up. I embraced the risk.

The key was seeing every risk as an exciting opportunity to learn something new, and every failure as a chance to grow (and live to tell the tale!).

The fact is, as women, we don't take as many risks as men. We have too much of a FEAR of the possible FAIL.

But taking risks is ESSENTIAL to career success, as is dealing with the possibility of a fail.

If you’re struggling with FEAR, whether relating to taking risks or general fear of failing, it WILL hold you back. So, do yourself a favor and check out this video ! It’s probably my favorite to date!

In it, I share:

  • Where your fear of failure might come from

  • Why it tries to protect you (and in doing so sabotages you), and

  • Three of my favorite mindset shifts to transform you relationship with the Four letter F word!


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