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Ep. 41 | 5 Ways to Expand you Comfort Zone

We’re all too familiar with the cliché of having to step out of our comfort zones in order to grow.

And the truth is - you have to.

For the vast majority of us life isn’t a free ride.

Being accustomed to difficulty and consistently challenging yourself is the path towards excellence, growth and arguably fulfillment.

Yet, it’s as if we’re wired with contradictions.

On the one hand it feels good to be in your comfort zone.

To relax, eat your favorite foods and enjoy your favorite entertainment.

But if you linger there for too long you can find yourself becoming increasingly impeded by the fear of taking risks, loss of self-confidence and missing out on experiences that make life worth living.

When we look at nature, there’s no stagnation. There’s either growth or there’s decay.

The extent to which an animal can successfully expand its comfort zone determines its ability to survive and even thrive.

Otherwise it goes hungry and eventually…dies.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is such a thing as going too far with challenging your comfort zone.

Which makes it important to know how to find your sweet spot.

So in this Inspower episode I explore with you:

  • Why expanding your comfort zone is an absolute must.

  • How to identify your Goldilocks zone of discomfort to optimize your progress in any areas of your life

  • 5 ways to help you step out of your comfort zone

Look, no-one ever got better at yoga by giving up in the first 5 minutes of a session.

If you’ve finished a session then you’ve likely felt the reward of sticking through the pain.

And if you practice yoga regularly then you’re benefiting from the long-term mind/body benefits too.

Imagine what the rest of 2022 can look like when you have the will power to consistently step into your discomfort zone.

Here’s to you living at your healthy edge.


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