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Ep. 42 | 5 Signs you should QUIT YOUR JOB

How do you truly know if it's time for a change?

By now you've heard about the 'Great Resignation' - a mass exodus of tens of millions of employees saying "I quit!" The reasons for this trend are broad but one thing is for sure is that the pandemic was a catalyst.

You might be among the many seeking greener pastures or willing to transition to a different industries. Maybe you've been considering a change, a higher salary, more flexibility, an opportunity to advance or even a more appealing culture.

Instead of leaving it to how you feel, in this episode I share 5 Red Flags to help you determine if your desire to resign is justifiable.

BONUS: Here's a link link to the Yahoo Finance Article that I was interviewed for:

Great Resignation: 5 signs it’s time to go


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