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Ep. 46 | How Hustle Culture Hurts You - 3 Way to Avoid Burnout

Hustle Culture (AKA Toxic Productivity) has become somewhat of a badge of honor. While at times it makes sense to sacrifice and work extra hard, it rarely is a smart long term strategy.

My husband and I run a fast growing global business that helps big corporates improve the performance of their employees sustainably. So we have to practice what we preach.

It's easy to be swayed into Hustle Culture.

Effort in = Results out

At first anyway...

If you're on the fence of 'joining the movement' or you're a bonafide hustler hopelessly addicted to the grind then this episode is for you!

You'll not become aware of the dangers of toxic productivity but you'll learn 3 ways to avoid burnout.

If you're going to hustle then hustle healthily! 💪


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