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How to Impress in an Interview - Avoid This Common Mistake!

So you got the interview… but now what?
How do you impress enough to actually get the job?

Performing well in your interview is ESSENTIAL if you want to be considered for the role. The BIGGEST mistake people make when it comes to interviews is that they focus too much on themselves… but in an interview it’s not really about you, it’s about what the company you’re interviewing for WANTS IN YOU.

In this short video, I share three things to remember when it comes to the interview, to make sure you impress the interviewing panel enough to get the job.

  1. Stand out from others by preparing specific examples that highlight your strengths and achievements.

  2. Ask insightful questions to keep the interview flowing and make it seem more organic.

  3. Interview them. Have some questions up your sleep that you can ask, about the culture, challenges or anything else important to you.


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