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Inspower Series Ep. 10 | Overcome Social Anxiety: How to Speak Up in Meetings

Do you dread meetings at work?
Do you have a fear of speaking up and sharing your perspective?

Don’t worry - you’re not alone! Whether you’re an introvert, naturally shy, or just have a serious case of social anxiety, not speaking up at work can have serious consequences for your career development.

So, learning how to overcome the fear of speaking up is vital not only for your happiness, but also to elevate your visibility so you feel fulfilled in your career. As part of my new Q&A with Shadé series, I speak to ordinary professionals to help them with their challenges at work or in life. First off is the lovely Daniella to help her overcome her fear of speaking up. Watch our conversation as I share what drives this anxiety and ‘speaking-fear’, and very simple yet effective strategies to help you overcome it once and for all!

1️⃣ Pay attention to your Thoughts

2️⃣ Question your Thoughts

3️⃣ Be present and focus on what’s being said

4️⃣ Use the power of Breath BONUS: Take Action


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