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Inspower Series Ep. 15 | Fast-track your Career - The Power of Career Multipliers

In this episode we’re going to share with you how this little known strategy of tapping into ‘career multipliers’ could significantly accelerate your career advancement, improve your employability and increase your earning capacity.

We take you through the 5 most effective questions to help you determine your own career multipliers and to get you thinking about how to create your unique career combination lock to differentiate and elevate your value proposition:

  1. What experiences have I had outside of what’s typical in my field?

  2. What unique training and education do I have in my toolbox, and how can I proactively leverage it?

  3. What hobbies, interests and life experience could give me a unique edge?

  4. What are the gaps in my field?

  5. What unique and marketable skills can I learn reasonably fast?

Watch the video to understand how your answers to these questions can help propel your career advancement.


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