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Inspower Series Ep. 6 - How to Avoid the Personal Development Trap

Many of the women that I’ve coached or worked with are passionate about self-development. Their eyes light up whenever they share the latest vizualisation, productivity or mindfulness techniques they’ve learned out. But I’d often notice something missing…many of these women seemed to be trapped in the pleasure of perpetual learning and motivation without taking any meaningful action. And months or even years could go by without them reaping any real benefits and accelerating their progress. They’re stuck in information-limbo.

And you might be too…

I’ve observed too many women, including my clients, become distracted by and even obsessed with self-development. And then worse - eventually they become overwhelmed with gurus, information, programs and podcasts realizing they’re no closer to their dreams. The euphoria and inspiration fades. And for many this is where they start to give up.

When I ask them why they haven’t implemented what they’ve learned, they come up with excuses like the following:

  • I don’t feel like I know enough yet.

  • I’m no where near the level of that successful thought leader.

  • Maybe I should read that other book or attend the advanced program first.

  • I don’t know what to apply first to grow my career.

  • I don’t have enough support yet to get started.

All of these are effective excuses, because they successfully paralyse these motivated women from pursuing their goals and transforming their lives.

Isn’t it interesting how your mind is never more creative than when it come to excuses and reasons not to start acting?

What’s even more interesting is that numerous studies have shown that women are more likely to focus on what they lack than men. Could this trait be the reason I see many women entrapped into perpetual self-development?

In this video I’m going explain how, if you’re not careful, your quest for self-development could become completely debilitating and lead to inaction, robbing you from the benefits of applying what you learned and getting better results at work and in life. And then I’ll share with you 5 simple steps to make sure that you don’t fall into the self-development pleasure trap and instead maximize your development by taking action.

Enjoy! x


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