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Inspower Series Ep.8 |3 Must-Know Tips to Connect with Anyone - Even on Zoom!

How good are you when it comes to connecting with others?

In this video, I share three tips to help you level-up your ability to connect with anyone, whether in-person, or via Zoom/video conference.

The ability to connect with others, whether team members, managers, stakeholders or clients is incredible important for building trust, loyalty, advocacy and engagement, and is essential for business.

Even outside of work, connecting is a core human skill.

In this video, I share three of my favourite tips to help you level-up your ability to connect with anyone:

👉 1: Prime for a Positive Response

👉 2: Have the Courage to Open Up

👉 3: Be Genuinely Curious & Listen more than you Speak

👉 BONUS TIP: Use Eye-contact to Build Trust (look at the camera when speaking)

You can read the Forbes article I wrote about connection here:



Barbara Fredrickson, Remaking Love, TEDx Talk

Supramarginal Gyrus & Positive Empathy:

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The ‘temporal coupling’ of the brain when sharing personal stories:

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Self-disclosure is Rewarding:

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