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Interview & Salary Negotiation Strategies

We know that when it comes to interviews and salary negotiation (okay, ESPECIALLY negotiation), women tend to struggle.

Maybe we listen to that little voice in our heads that tells us we’re not ready, not worthy, not skilled enough (spoiler: Don’t listen to it!).

Maybe we struggle to take ownership of our achievements & instead attribute prior success to others, luck or timing: "I was just in the right place at the right time…“ or “I can’t take the credit - I just had an amazing team…” (sound familiar?).

Maybe we become uncomfortable speaking about ‘money’ and feel like we should just be grateful for whatever they offer… Or perhaps we DO try to negotiate but we choke up and don’t know what to say or how to say it (i.e. “They’ll think I’m aggressive or selfish if I ask for more…”)

If you said, “OMG… that’s me!” - don’t worry, I got you!

Last week I had the pleasure of going live with The Female Lead and we discussed:

🚫 Three common mistakes women make when it comes to interviews,

✅ What do do to best prepare for an Interview, and

💰 Essential recommendations for women when it comes to negotiating salary!

Even if you’re not going through an interview process right now, I highly recommend you check it out because this is definitely something that you want to master (think ‘negotiating a raise’).

Remember: Negotiating what you deserve isn’t just about you… it’s actually about all women, everywhere, standing up for what is fair and just.

You got this! 💪

Shadé xo

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