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The 5 Inner Critics - Podcast with Sally Prosser

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Which of your 5 Inner Critics is holding you back this time? 🤔

In this episode of Sally Prosser's 'That Voice' Podcast, I introduce you to the 5 main critics I’ve identified from observing my own clients.

The thing is, your inner critic is always there, waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce and remind you how:

• You’re not good enough,

• You performed terribly,

• You don’t have what it takes, or

• You’re likely to fail so don’t even bother trying.

In this 19 minute episode, you'll learn about each of these 5 inner critics and how they're holding you back from achieving your potential... and more importantly, you'll also learn valuable tips to silence those critical voices.


(PS - My Forbes article goes into more detail - you can find it here)

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Unknown member
Jun 22, 2021

I randomly found your youtube channel and followed your contents. Currently, i have started my university after some huge set backs and study gap. One of the key notes that i found really useful from your content is how i can encourage myself to speak up and improve leadership skill.

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