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The Psychology of Procrastination

How different would your life would be if you didn’t procrastinate?

What more would you be able to achieve? How would you progress towards your goals?

If you’re anything like the women I coach, your answer would be: “A LOT!!”

Here’s the thing… If you struggle with procrastination, it’s likely getting in the way of your performance, your career development and even just achieving your goals.

And it also gets in the way of your happiness.

At the end of March 2021,I hosted a room on Clubhouse delving into this topic. In it, I explored the real, underlying reasons why you procrastinate (Hint: it’s not because you’re ‘lazy’), followed by the very BEST strategies to help you combat procrastination, once and for all!

So if you procrastinate, you NEED TO CHECK OUT THIS AUDIO!


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