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Ep. 26 | To Communicate with Confidence, DO THESE 5 THINGS! (for Introverts)

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

I remember early on in my corporate career being in meetings with people more senior than me, and I’d feel so inadequate.

The moment an idea would pop into my mind for me to share, my anxiety would kick-in. I’d start to feel my heart-rate increase. My palms would get sweaty. My throat felt like it would start to close up…

So do you know what I’d do most of the time?


And I can’t tell you how many times someone else in the meeting would say EXACTLY what I was going to share, and got all the credit (and yes, it was usually men).

Even when I’d finally muster the courage to speak up, I’d be so flustered that my ideas would come out muddled, or I'd overshare - or not share enough - and my voice would quiver… None of which helped convey any credibility whatsoever.

Because of this, my ideas were often overlooked and under-appreciated, all because I couldn’t communicate them with confidence or conviction.

Can you relate at all?

If you just said, "YES!” - I hear you & I’m here for you!

This is why I want to share with you my 5 favorite tips to supercharge your communication to TRANSFORM how you’re perceived.

These simple and easy tips will make sure you're heard, respected and get the visibility you deserve, helping with your career advancement!


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