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Ep.2 3 Strategies to Improve your Emotional Intelligence

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Do you have this one skill that’s guaranteed to make you more successful, more productive, earn a higher salary and even make you a better leader?

Emotional Intelligence is widely recognised as the most important indicator of performance and 90% of top performers score high in emotional intelligence (according to research from Talent Smart).

In this video I share 3 strategies to hone your emotional intelligence skills to be able to position yourself for career advancement and leadership opportunities.

  1. Become better at identifying your own emotional states.

  2. Seek to Understand.

  3. Focus on relationships.

1 Comment

Unknown member
Sep 04, 2020

This was really insightful , I will be looking at it again and start applying these strategies I am certain this will help me as I am thought to be to emotional

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