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Ep. 31 | Why you Lost Your Motivation in 2021 (& 4 Research Based Ways to Get it Back!)

Have you been having those days that started with you wanting to crawl straight back into bed and avoid facing the day? You had zero motivation. You felt brain dead. You couldn’t even focus. Life felt purposeless and everything’s just a little… ‘meh’?

Here’s the thing - this state is more common than you think (thanks to the extended pandemic 😞). Experts even have a name for it:


In fact, a recent NY Times article references a prominent psychologist who suggests that Languishing is the most dominant state of 2021.

So, if you’ve been feeling an unusual lack of motivation for your goals, work and just life in general, you’re not alone!

And I’m here to help… 👉 you MUST check out this episode!

Because let’s face it - motivation is what helps us feel like we’re moving forward. It gives us a sense of purpose. A sense of progress. And it’s also really important for wellbeing and feeling your best.

In this episode, I share the psychology behind why you feel ‘blah’ (it makes SO much sense once you understand it), and 4 simple research-based strategies to help you find your mojo again!

ALL my best,



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