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Ep. 36 | 5 Ways to Beat Imposter Syndrome

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

If you’ve ever felt like a fraud - like every accomplishment you've ever had has been a ‘fluke’ and you don’t feel you deserve any of it - then I’ve got some good news… you’re not alone!

But it probably also means that you have imposter syndrome.

Some research suggests that over 70% of people have experienced ‘imposter syndrome’ at some point. While this feeling is something both men and women experience, I’ve personally found that it tends to affect women in more serious ways. Why?

Because as women we often find ourselves in environments where we’re the minority (especially if you’re in a male dominated industry or company), so it’s all too easy to feel like you don't belong.

Not only this, we also face something called ‘stereotype threat’, which leads many of us to feel like we have to actively contradict the negative stereotypes about women at work to ‘prove’ we belong.

It’s exhausting!

And the worst part is that once we internalize the belief that we don’t belong, it can have disastrous effects on our confidence, our self-esteem, and how we show up - and this impacts what we do in our lives and careers.

In this episode I wanted to shed a little light on imposter syndrome, and specifically 5 easy research-based tips to help you become more aware of what your imposter self is trying to convince you of, and how to work through it.

Yahoo actually posted a more detailed write-up of my tips in an article which you can read here.

I hope this short video helps give you some simple strategies you can apply to start to challenge your beliefs & confidently respond to your imposter self - tell her she’s no longer welcome!

As an aside, I recently listened to a great 40min podcast from Work Life with Adam Grant, where he discusses imposter syndrome with his guests, and how you can actually redefine it from being a negative ‘weight' that pulls your down, to being a source of motivation that drives you to strive for excellence. I really enjoyed the mental reframe so if you're into psychology-based podcasts, I think you’ll enjoy this one! (Click here - 40min episode).

You have something valuable to offer. Never forget that.

xo 🦋



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