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The REAL reason you Procrastinate – it's not because you're lazy...

Do you procrastinate?

We often assume that procrastination is a sign that we’re being ‘lazy’ or ‘can’t be bothered’. And while we’re all working from home, procrastination could be prevention you from getting through what you need to.

According to research, there could be another explanation for why we procrastinate…

Instead or reflecting issues of ‘self’-management (which is what we assume), it could actually reflect challenges associated with emotional regulation. This is important not only for us and managing our own lives, but also when leading or managing teams, running our own business or looking to motivate family or friends.

Instead of assuming someone's just 'lazy', we could instead reflect on whether they're struggling on an emotional level.

  • What are your thoughts about procrastination?

  • Are you finding you’re doing more of it while working from home?

  • What strategies do you use to help you push through?


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